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A Perfect Place

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A conservatory offers a totally unique atmosphere and unlike any other room in the house, it provides a bright, relaxing and calming space in which to spend time. Whatever the season, a little sunlight lifts the spirit and for many of our clients their conservatory has become the most used room in the house.

A conservatory brings you closer to the outdoors at all times of the year. Whether your conservatory incorporates full length glazed panels or has a solid low wall, your views will be ever changing through the seasons, thus appreciating the outdoors from the comfort and seclusion of the conservatory.

Heat, Light & Shade

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Conservatory BlindsFloor Grilles

What you intend to use your conservatory for will normally influence where it will be positioned on your house. For most, the conservatory is used an extension to their living space; a place to relax, eat or socialise. The direction which your conservatory faces will have an impact on your choice of sun screening and heating. Advances in technology over the years with solar controlled glazing for instance has helped to make glazed structures more comfortable and these light filled rooms can be enjoyed all year round.

Conservatory heating is an important aspect of the design, as it is essential to benefit from continual use of your room. You can choose from various types of under-floor heating to suit your needs and the aesthetics of your room – either a warm under floor system which transfers heat over your whole floor or traditional trench style heating with decorative floor grilles. We have our own floor grille system which can be connected to your in-home conventional heating or be heated from electric finned convectors. Radiators are also an option and these can be concealed behind various styles of radiator cover, which can also double up as an attractive window seat.

In the height of summer shade may be required, particularly if your conservatory is south facing. To maintain the traditional look of your room, Vale recommend Pinoleum blinds which are made of a natural woven material and provide a pretty, dappled light to the room, helping to control the room temperature. Blinds can be manually or automatically controlled and are available for both the roof and side windows. Colours of Pinoleum blinds also match Vale’s Paint Collection so the blinds harmonise with the interior look of the conservatory.

Clever lighting in your conservatory is one of the most effective ways to change the ambience and is a great way to create a stylish, comfortable and relaxed space. As daylight fade, reflected light will add to the magic of your room.

Conservatory lighting can be divided into two main categories; primary lighting which is your main source and may comprise a ceiling filament, down lights, wall lights or a combination of all three. To accompany these you can also add accent lighting which will highlight specific architectural features, furniture or pictures and the combination of both styles of lighting can create a sensory delight within your glazed structure.

Kitchen Conservatories

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Kitchen ConservatoryKitchen ConservatoryKitchen ConservatoryKitchen Conservatory

Busy family life and modern living has resulted in the kitchen becoming the favourite room in the house. A light filled kitchen is seen as idyllic and inspirational space to create culinary delights and a kitchen conservatory can provide just that. It can be enjoyed at all times of the day, by all members of the family for dining, entertaining, working and relaxing.

A conservatory that is designed directly off the kitchen is one of the most popular positions as it forms a multifunctional extension that becomes the hub of the home, with all the benefits of light and linking to the outside world.

Here at Vale we have seen an increasing number of clients who request for their conservatory to be designed with a kitchen inside, or would like the conservatory extending from the kitchen. Either way, you need to consider various important factors within the scheme.

As this will be a very practical space, try to plan the kitchen ensuring services, electrics and heating make sense in their positioning. An island or sink facing out to the garden can capitalise on the ever changing views. Utilising the space may not allow for radiators, therefore underfloor heating is an excellent solution, creating warmth without the additional visual complications.

Wall space within a glazed structure, especially a smaller conservatory will be extremely valuable and you may wish to consider designing sections of solid wall to accommodate wall mounted cupboards. In certain cases, particularly with townhouses, boundary walls are utilised within the design of the structure for such purposes.

Finally, ventilation is a very important aspect in the design of a kitchen conservatory and adequate side and roof ventilation is required to provide generous air flow. Your designer will discuss all the options with you, in order to achieve the most from your new room.

Sitting Room & Dining Conservatories

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Sitting Room ConservatoriesSitting Room Conservatories

A conservatory designed as a sitting room, providing an escape from everyday life and a place in which to spend quality time with friends and family or simple unwind and appreciate the views is a popular request. When considering the ambience of your room, the choice of furniture, flooring and lighting will dictate the degree of comfort and individuality achieved. Upholstered sofas and chairs add softness to your scheme and blinds will help create a cosy atmosphere as well as assisting in the prevention of fading to your fabrics.

Dining Room ConservatoriesDining Room Conservatories

Equally appealing to kitchen/conservatory open plan living is the dining room conservatory. Dining is a time when we sit and take time to relax whether it is starting our day with breakfast, a lazy lunch or unwinding over dinner. The dining room conservatory is an excellent room for entertaining friends and by creating the perfect environment, your guests will be spoiled with the ambience that takes in views of your garden, to the twinkling reflections of lights and candles.

Conservatories For Plants

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Conservatory Plant RoomConservatory Plant Room

For keen horticulturalists, a conservatory or orangery adds a new dimension in gardening. Wide varieties of plants thrive in conservatory conditions and tender or exotic plants can be appreciated and nurtured. Aromatic climbers will fill the room with beautiful scents throughout the flowering season and citrus trees thrive on the conditions for growth. A room that is dedicated to the enjoyment of plants is a sensory delight with a profusion of colour, heady scents and an ever changing backdrop.

The success of your conservatory as a plant room will depend very much on getting the initial design right. Ventilation and achieving adequate air movement is of paramount importance and needs a strong focus at the design stages. Your designer will discuss various options with you to achieve the desired ambience. Also, you will need to consider where you would like to position your plants as you may consider open beds within the floor to accommodate climbers or wider window sills for plant pots etc.

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