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Roof Lanterns & Rooflights

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Rooflights or roof lanterns can totally transform a small, dark or uninteresting area, turning it into a light filled space that also benefits from the addition of this architectural feature. Whilst rooflights and glass lanterns tend to be designed to provide a stylish focal feature within a room, there are those who prefer to add a simple rooflight rather than incorporating windows. This allows greater flexibility when designing a room’s general aesthetics.

We can design and build rooflights and roof lanterns to most shapes and sizes. Whilst they have a tendency to take the standard rectangular form, hexagons, octagons and pyramids are not uncommon although these can pose issues when considering ventilation.

Vale’s signature roof system is incorporated into each and every one of our rooflights and lanterns. The aluminium skeletal core is clad internally with decorative mouldings and profile and externally with powder-coated glaze bar caps, providing a maintenance free exterior and attractive interior. They can be detailed internally to your own tastes, whether you are looking for a contemporary or traditional look. We frequently incorporate inverted finials and the means to suspend a pendant light. On certain projects our rooflights can incorporate some form of decorative panelling to the up-stand beneath the roof lantern which proves effective and adds to the character.

Rooflights are generally positioned straight onto a prepared up-stand. We work very closely with your architect or builder to make sure the correct platform is created. This ensures the installation process is quick and easy.

If your rooflight or lantern is for a kitchen area or other busy room, you will probably need to incorporate some form of ventilation. This can be achieved by incorporating traditional glazed roof vents which can be either thermostatically or manually controlled, depending on location and accessibility.

A roof lantern is basically a rooflight that includes a vertical glazed framework, usually featuring fixed and opening panels, but these can also be directly glazed. If panelled, then ventilation is generally on the side framework with mainly thermostatically controlled opening panels.

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Internal & External Doors

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Often we are asked to make and fit additional external and internal doors that complement our conservatories and orangeries, thus achieving consistency in style and design for our client’s homes.

Vale design and manufacture a wide choice of internal door styles depending on the size of opening and whether you require either single or double glazed. The fine glazing style, general detail and ironmongery will be in keeping with that on your conservatory. Internal locking mechanisms are usually suited with those on the conservatory which reduces the number of keys required. The timber used and colour painted will usually depend on your interior styling of the conservatory or adjoining room.

Sash Windows

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Due to the quality of our sash windows, and the fact that detail, style and sightlines will match a conservatory or orangery, we are regularly asked to make and fit these for our clients’ homes. On several new build projects we have supplied all joinery requirements and whilst this is not something we regularly take on, it is an option you may wish to consider if you are having one of our conservatories built.

All of our traditional balanced sash windows are made from 56mm joinery and they accept any size of double glazed unit from 12mm up to 20mm but can also be designed for single glazed units. Double glazed units can be Krypton or Argon filled to improve thermal efficiency.

Our preferred timber is the same as on our our conservatories which is Grade 2 Douglas Fir, chosen for its straight grain, lack of knots and stable nature. All timber, once machined, is Protim pressure treated for long life and protection against fungal attack and rot. All timberwork is traditional mortice and tenon jointed with a slender 26mm glaze bar which is enhanced with a fine, decorative, Ogee mould.

Traditional lead weights which are hung waxed cotton sash cords are used to balance the sashes. Our frame is constructed to allow for access to the balance mechanism and all windows are fitted with a weatherproof seal. Sash pulleys are fitted within the frame and brass furniture is fitted as standard throughout (Satin Chrome is also available).

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